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Dress Code Information

The objective of the dress code is to establish an environment of learning, self- confidence, discipline & responsibility. The intent is to keep students safe & focused on academics.

W.V.C.S requires students to wear uniform shirts. 

The following table provides an outline of what is and is not permitted as per the Warrior Dress Code.


Dress Code:

Special Events Dress Code:

To view the K-8th "Special Events" Dress Code, please click here.
Jewelry & Hair Requirements for Boys: Hair is to be neat and clean. Extreme styles are to be avoided. Logos and designs shaved into the head are not allowed. Earrings and/or gauges are not allowed.
Jewelry & Hair Requirements for Girls: Earrings are allowed but should not be oversized and should promote safety. Oversized jewelry may catch or be inadvertently pulled during recess/P.E. class. Hair to be neat and clean. Extreme styles are to be avoided. Hair color is to be minimal and/or natural.
Dress Code Violations: Students who are out of dress code, will receive a grade level appropriate consequence. Administration will notify parents via email. When possible, the student will be provided with a school uniform from W.V.C.S used uniform inventory.