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Extended Care Program

Welcome to the WVCS Extended Care Program!



Extended Care Manager: Mrs. Brittney Gonzales
Extended Care Phone: (623) 234-2100 Ext. 404
Email: bgonzales@wvchristianschool.org  
West Valley Christian School is honored that you have chosen to participate in our Extended Care Program. 
Hours of Operation & Services
Before Care        6:30am-7:45am       *Pre-schoolers and Elementary students are dropped off at the
                                                             Extended care room.                  
After Care           3:00pm-5:45pm        All students, Preschool-8th, are housed in the Extended Care 
                                                             Rooms on the Elementary Campus.
Early Dismissal   11:30am-5:45pm      Lunch is not provided on these days.  Please pack a lunch and
Days                                                     snack for your child. If a student arrives without a lunch, a parent
                                                             will be called and required to bring a lunch for the school. The 
                                                             Extended Care Program is not licensed  to provide/serve lunch
                                                             to students. 


During extended care hours, children are provided age appropriate activities and homework time.
WVCS Extended Care is licensed by the AZ Department of Health Services, Office of Child Care Licensing. The facility is inspected annually. Inspection reports are available upon request.
AZ Dep. Of Health Services
150 N. 18th Ave., Suite 400, Phoenix AZ 85007
(602) 364-2539
Admission Fees & Procedures
Upon registering a student at WVCS (K-8), all students are enrolled in the Extended Care Program. After Care begins at 3:00. Students who are not picked up by 3:10 pm on full days and 11:40 on early dismissal days will be signed in to the Extended Care Program.
Extended care costs: $4.50 per hour. This charge is not prorated. 
For billing questions, contact Shannon Palmer at 623.234.2107 or spalmer@wvchristianschool.org.
Health Requirements
We are not licensed to care for ill children. Parents are notified if a child shows signs of illness and must be picked up from care within one hour of notification.
Arriving & Departing
For licensure purposes, parents must manually sign their child in/out. 
Breakfast & After School Snacks
Students are allowed to eat breakfast brought from home during Before Care.  Parents are responsible for providing their child’s after school snack.
Medication Administration
We do not administer over the counter medications during Extended Care.
If your child is asthmatic, breathing treatments are accommodated. All breathing equipment and inhalers will be stored in the school office. Medication must be in the original prescription labeled container. Please contact Mr. Jonathan Medina to discuss asthmatic accommodations.
Parents have access to all areas of the facility where childcare services are provided during businesses hours.
Extended Care programming includes a time for homework, themes with special activities, and organized group games, inside and outside.
Discipline & Behavior
WVCS uses a positive, developmentally appropriate discipline procedure:
          Level 1: Redirection  
          Level 2: Reflective Discussion 
          Level 3: Parent Notification
          Level 4: Referral to the Principal
          Level 5: Suspension of Extended Care usage
           Level 1: Reflective Discussion
           Level 2: Verbal Warning
           Level 3: Parent Notification
           Level 4: Referral to the Principal
           Level 5: Suspension of Extended Care usage