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WVCS Mission: West Valley Christian School, in partnership with the family, equips students to discover and develop their talents and spiritual gifts in order to live a life of service, impacting the world for Christ.

WVCS has an exceptional instructional program that continues to grow along with our students. Biblical truth is imbedded throughout the curriculum and teachers maximize instructional content by teaching through the lens of Scripture. Our certified teachers have wealth of educational expertise, the staff is passionate for Christian education, and our community is committed to our mission.  

Academic Growth

To assess students' academic growth, MAP Growth testing is administered three times a year. Students in grades K-2 take MAP math and reading tests. Beginning at third grade an additional language test is given to more precisely assess student growth in literacy skills. MAP Growth testing results are measured with a RIT scale, providing a sweet spot for what students are ready to learn. WVCS also uses DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) and monthly benchmark assessments to verify student progress in both literacy skills and basic math facts.  These assessments provide actionable data for teachers as they plan lessons to meet all students' academic needs.

Spiritual Growth

Weekly chapels provide an opportunity to worship together and quarterly service projects invite students and families to be active participants in the spiritual growth process.  Daily Bible lessons, frequent prayers, weekly Bible verses, ongoing discussions about godly character traits, and application of Bible truths echo a common theme in the West Valley Christian community:  We are here to serve Jesus!  At WVCS we do that in many ways!